Thursday, August 18, 2011

Balotelli uses T-shirt to specify love for City rather than Manchester

In the wake of last week's riots, Man City players wore "I (heart) MCR" shirts ahead of their first match of the season at home against Swansea City on Monday night. Mario Balotelli recently made it clear that he does not heart Manchester, though. He told Sky Sports Italia (via the Manchester Evening News):

"I'm not happy in Manchester, I don't like the city," he said.

"Everything's okay with the coach and my team-mates, but the city is not to my taste.

"Do I miss Milan? No, I miss my home, Brescia. I miss my family and friends. I can think of this experience as one of personal growth."

So, for Mario to wear an I love Manchester shirt would be dishonest and if there's one thing Mario isn't, it's dishonest. Instead of refusing to wear the shirt, though, he got creative with it. Using a blue pen, he added the word "City" under the "MCR." A nice touch from Mario. Yet the most amazing part of this is that he he was able to put the shirt on without confusing himself unlike that blasted bib.

Kun Aguero, meanwhile, left his shirt in its original state and ended up scoring two goals after coming on for the final half hour of City's 4-0 win. According to some of the more excitable corners of the media, he is now the greatest player of all time.

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