Saturday, August 20, 2011

Carl Landry has forgotten that someone named ?LaMarcus Aldridge? actually exists

Free-agent forward Carl Landry wouldn't mind signing with the Portland Trail Blazers, once the NBA's lockout ends. The former Rockets, Kings and Hornets forward would possibly serve as an embarrassment of riches on a team like the Blazers, but his scoring knack and ability to save broken plays would serve wonderfully on any crew, much less a Trail Blazers squad that features a stud like LaMarcus Aldridge as a starting big forward.

What's strange is that Landry, in a recent interview with SLAM's Chris Haynes, doesn't appear to have any knowledge of something called a "LaMarcus Aldridge."

Here's some evidence:

"I think I can fit in with Portland, "Landry told SLAMonline. "They're in need of a big post presence down low. I'm not taking anything away from (Greg) Oden and (Marcus) Camby. I just know what I can provide. The Blazers are a good team and I know I can help."

He's not wrong. He could help. Landry could help just about any team in a pinch with his touch in the paint. The issue here is the presence of LMA, who came through with an All-Star season last year (even if he didn't make the team), finishing with averages of nearly 22 points and nine rebounds on the league's slowest-paced team (slowed pace limits your chances to pile up big stats). Aldridge is only 25, and while he isn't a low-post demon, he is an obvious starting power forward lock that shouldn't be dismissed.

Much less forgotten. By someone who has had to guard him dozens of times in his NBA career.


"I really like Portland," said Landry. "I'm good friends with Greg Oden, and Wes Matthews is from Wisconsin like me. There are a lot of ties there and I have no doubt that I would blend in fine."

Again, he's not wrong. It's A-OK to really like Portland, especially if you ride a bike and want to know where your dinner was raised. And Landry would blend in fine, as he would with most teams, as a top-notch sixth man, ready to drop 12 points in a second quarter.

But unless SLAM left some musings about Aldridge out, this seems like a curious oversight. And with the lockout leaving most of us filled with alternating bouts of ennui and anger, could this be the NBA's newest passive/aggressive feud? Because, with nothing else going on, we're ready for it.

LMA? Your turn.


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