Friday, August 26, 2011

Cologne ultras threw cups of feces at Schalke fans

Schalke's Lewis Holtby runs from the feces.

After losing their Bundesliga season opener 3-0 to Wolfsburg and then traveling to Schalke to lose 5-1 in their second game, a group of Cologne ultras apparently decided to share their misery in the grossest way possible: throwing cups of urine and feces at rival fans.

From the AFP:

According to security staff at Schalke's stadium in Gelsenkirchen, a small group of Cologne ultras are responsible for throwing the cups during the home team's 5-1 win.

Those hit by the disgusting missiles included fans from both teams.

Oh no! Rule No. 1 of throwing cups of feces is to be sure you don't hit anyone on your side with friendly fire. Rule No. 2 is to always wash your hands after throwing.

Police are looking at video tape of the crowd from Saturday's match at Schalke's Veltins Arena to identify those responsible and two fans are reported to have already been arrested.

A witness is reported to have seen one man put faeces in a beer cup, while two others filled their cups with urine before hurling them at Schalke fans.

That poor witness.

Of course, this kind of thing happens all the time to U.S. fans who attended matches against Mexico and we probably shouldn't be too surprised to hear about scat action in Germany. But this is still horrifying.

Photo: AP


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