Thursday, August 25, 2011

Derek Lamely?s hole-in-one nets him vacations for life

Derek Lamely won't be around for the weekend at the Wyndham Championship, but that doesn't mean he won't leave the tournament with some memories, and a pretty impressive parting gift.

Playing the par-3 16th hole at Sedgefield Country Club on Friday, Lamely launched a 9-iron into the air and watched as it took one hop and disappeared into the hole for an ace. Now it usually takes a lot to get a pro golfer excited, but the ace is the easiest way to turn even the most laid-back golfer into a 10-year-old kid in no time flat.

Of course he was excited, but for Lamely, his hole-in-one was special for another reason: It came on a hole with a sweet prize. Sure, winning a cool million or a new sports car would have been nice, but Lamely got a unique gift in the form of vacations for life.

That's right, the guy won vacations for life from tournament sponsor Wyndham. I've heard of some pretty outrageous hole-in-one gifts before, but this one ranks right up there with the best. Not only that, his caddie also won a week's stay at a Wyndham resort.

After a very forgettable year, Lamely can take solace in knowing that while he won't be around for the FedEx Cup playoffs, he can jet off for a vacation whenever he wants.

Talk about the perfect way to put a bad week of golf behind you.


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