Monday, August 22, 2011

Green Bay cops to wear the Packers logo on their badges

I guess this is how you know when a city really, really loves its football team. Police officers in the city of Green Bay can now wear these badges, which display the word "Titletown" and the Packers logo, while they're out fighting crime.

It's a very handsome badge, and I love the support shown between local government and the football team. It's charming, and it's uniquely Green Bay. I also like that if an officer doesn't want to wear it (say, the week after the Packers lose to the Bears or suffer some other indignity), he or she won't have to. The traditional badge remains an option.

I'll be honest, though. If I were a Packers fan and living in Green Bay, I'd vote against it. I prefer to associate my team's logo with happy, joyous times ... not with the night I got carried away with the liquor and vomited on myself while two officers of the law justifiably pummeled me with nightsticks. I just like to keep those two parts of my life compartmentalized.

Much respect for your civic pride, Green Bay.

Gracias, Sportress of Blogitude.


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