Wednesday, August 24, 2011

John Buck thinks Logan Morrison should ease up on Twitter

It's no secret that the Florida Marlins brass has always frowned upon Logan Morrison's frequent Twitter habits. The young outfielder was demoted over the weekend and his propensity to tweet whatever thought popped into his head was mentioned as a possible reason why.

What we haven't known is what Morrison's teammates thought of their outspoken pal.

But as Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reports, there has been a little bit of grumbling among Marlins veterans who told Morrison to tone it down on the social medium.�Marlins catcher John Buck even went on the record to express his doubts over Morrison's strategy in marketing himself to the public.

From the Miami Herald:

"[Morrison is] an awesome dude, a great teammate and a great person," Buck said. "I don't think anybody's telling him not to do the things that he does. I think it's, just don't let it be the main focus of who you are, because you're a pretty dang good baseball player. That,�for him, I think that should be good enough. And the other good stuff coming out of him, being who he is, should be icing on the cake. It shouldn't be flip-flopped, which I think it has become." [...]

"He just needs to be LoMo and play the game, and not let the other stuff get in the way," Buck said.

That's an interesting take, though it's funny to note that it's branded with the same honesty that Morrison's Twitter account (@lomomarlins) �is known for. The only difference is that Buck's message was filtered through a beat reporter instead of straight to the fans.

At the same time, I can see where Buck is coming from. There are a few athletes out there ? Chad Ochocinco comes to mind, so does Darnell Dockett ? who have come to be defined for their Twitter activity first and their on-field exploits second. Morrison is the ballplayer who comes closest to earning the middle name of �"Twitter" and it's somewhat of a shame because he should be known as a ballplayer who tweets, not a tweeter who plays ball.

Maybe that's not possible if LoMo neuters his online activity ? and there are probably a lot of us who don't want him to ? but it's interesting to note that some of his teammates see the need to strike a delicate balance.

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