Friday, August 26, 2011

Lockout videos: Michael Jordan?s Bulls versus rookie Allen Iverson

The first game featuring both Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan was a nasty affair.

The Bulls picked up their championship rings before the game, the squad blew AI's 76er team out by 29 points, and Iverson exchanged words with both Ron Harper, Tex Winter and Dennis Rodman. It wasn't pretty on any conceivable level, and it was topped off with Jordan leering at Iverson as Allen told nobody in particular that he didn't "have to respect" the Bulls. As it always was with AI, he mistook "respect" for something else. Iverson didn't have to bow down to Chicago, but how could you not respect that team?

The next time the two teams hooked up? It wasn't the game that featured Iverson catching Jordan on a famous mismatch, and crossing the 34-year old over:

No, that bit of revenge had to wait a few months. The next time these two met was for this entertaining affair, one month after Chicago's home opener and ring ceremony. Dig in:

And, yes, this game also features Iverson shoving Dennis Rodman in the back because he didn't appreciate Rodman ... I don't know, attempting to rebound? It's at the 3:59 mark, and I'd love to know what happened to the photos taken by the dorky kid with the disposable camera in the front row. That kid is probably one of our bosses, by now.


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