Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Man City officially counting goals scored in video games now

From the same official club website that brought you their guide to pretending how to be a Man City fan and the bold claim that they beat Man United in the Community Shield comes yet another first. The site reveals that on the same day City finalized the signing of Samir Nasri, the former Arsenal player scored his first goal for the a video game that isn't even finished yet.

Yes, under the headline of "Samir Nasri scores first City goal" is a picture of the virtual player in his new kit kicking the ball towards what we can only assume is an out-of-frame goal against the only other club that exists in City's eyes -- Manchester United. Have a look...

According to the posting, the image was created using "an early version of the upcoming FIFA12 game." But as Deadspin and the Guardian point out, the real City won't play Man United at home until April 28th, so Nasri will have to wait a while to recreate his first goal for the club in real life.

Anyway, now that we're counting goals scored in FIFA games, none of you can ever call Fernando Torres a bust again because he's scored many, many times for Chelsea on my console.


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