Thursday, August 4, 2011

Potato Power: Boise rolls out the blue carpet for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Many well-named bowl games have graced college football's second season over the years ? the Salad Bowl (Phoenix), the Bacardi Bowl (Havana, Cuba), the Refrigerator Bowl (Evansville, Ind.), the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl (Shreveport, La) and last year's addition of the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit (though "pizza" was later dropped).

But it's hard to top this year's bowl addition of the "Famous Idaho Potato Bowl," which takes the place of the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho.

From the official release:

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl continues the tradition of commodity-named bowl games with connections to a state's top agricultural export.� The Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Cotton Bowl all took their namesakes from products critical to their respective state's economic health.� Idaho has been the nation's largest producer of potatoes every year since 1957.� The "Famous Potato" slogan was initiated by the Idaho Potato Commission and added to the State's license plates in 1948.

The best part about the bowl, other than its name of course, is the logo -- a football, split open like a loaded baked potato completed with chives. Not sure anything could be more genius than that.

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl will feature teams from the WAC and MAC, and the naming rights have been secured for six years of potatoey goodness.

I would be highly disappointed if every meal didn't include some sort of spud and if the players didn't compete in a potato sack race.

It's hard to fathom what kind of swag this bowl will be handing out: A sack of potatoes? Mr. Potato Head dolls? Bags of the TGI Friday's potato skins chips? Or maybe, in sticking with the logo theme, normal items made to look like potatoes. Like the limited edition potato Xbox? Or the potato iPod? What about the Bose potato-shaped noise-canceling earphones?

And, of course, all the electricity for the game must be run on potato power (didn't you do that experiment in grade school?)


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