Friday, August 26, 2011

Random musings of footballers before they fall asleep?

Lionel Messi

Great. ... Another trophy that's not made out of Legos and is no fun to play with. ... This is just what I never wanted. ... Maybe if I give it to Mr. Mourinho he won't try to poke me in the eye. ... I just hope Xavi doesn't try to give it to Cesc as a present like he did with my shampoo...

Samuel Eto'o

This is how I sleep now!

Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart


Didier Drogba

Time for the disgraces. ... First, Andre Villas-Boas' breath smells like cat food. That's a Kitier Katba f***ing disgrace. ... Then, Fernando Torres gets to start instead of me. That's a f***ing insane f***ing disgrace. ... Then, Man United got the easiest Champions League group since every other year that they got the easiest Champions League group. That's an incomprehensibly lucky f***ing disgrace. ... Then, Chelsea got Bayer Leverkusen in our group, so that means we have to see Michael Ballack again. That's an awkward f***ing disgrace. ... Then, Torres, Mata and Romeu keep talking Spanish to each other, which makes me feel left out. But when I speak French to Malouda and Anelka they don't seem to care. Then, Kalou starts speaking French too and ruins everything like always. That's an annoying f***ing disgrace. ... Then there were those times those referees who probably make gluten-free foods that aren't actually gluten free cheated us out of the Champions League. That...that was a...

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