Thursday, August 18, 2011

Randy Couture interview: Legend pays no mind to Jackson?s ?decrepit old ? ? comment

Good thing Randy Couture has thick skin. Otherwise he shouldn't be in the fight prediction game because inevitably there will be some fighters who get irked when he picks against them. Couture already got an example of that when Quinton "Rampage" Jackson lashed out calling the retired fighter "decrepit."

"I didn't even tune into all of that. I knew where it was coming from. Timing is everything," Couture told "The MMA Insiders" on ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM (4:30 mark). "There were negotiations between the parent company for Affliction and Rampage for a new contract. [...] He wanted a reason to go with Elite and it coincided with me inadvertently giving a pick on the fight with Matt Hamill."

Couture does a series of picks on video with Affliction and its president Tom Atencio. Before UFC 130, Couture chose Hamill over Jackson. Jackson rolled to an easy three-round victory.

"I try to be as objective as I can. Rampage and I have been friends. for a long time. I was shocked that he was that upset about a stupid pick. I was the first one to say 'I got that one wrong,'" said Couture.

Couture sat down for 45 minutes with the ESPNRadio1100 crew. In this segment, he also spoke about Dan Henderson and his future. Couture gave the latest update on his movie career. You can listen to the entire Friday edition of "The MMA Insiders" here.


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