Monday, August 22, 2011

Right turn, wet turn: Watkins Glen could be a washout

Bad news for those of you hoping for racing on Sunday (and, since you're on a NASCAR site, that's presumably all of you): the forecast is not looking good at all.

NASCAR-WXMAN, the NASCAR weatherman, is reporting that the chances of rain, and even a total rainout, are high indeed: "The forecast continues to call for two days of soaking rain from from Sunday into Monday ... Saturday night the rain arrives and it continues through Sunday into Monday. Obviously this doesn't bode well for Sunday's activities. Model probabilities for rain continue to range 80% to 100% for both Sunday and Monday. Bottom line it doesn't look good for racing on Sunday. I am stopping short of calling this a washout, but that is definitely the direction I am leaning."

Ouch. There's certainly precedent here; two years ago, the Watkins Glen race was pushed to Monday. (You may remember that was the second weekend in a row NASCAR had to push the race to Monday, after a similar rainout at Pocono.) The last time NASCAR ran a Cup race on a Tuesday was in August 2007 at Michigan.

So, yeah, start making alternate plans for Sunday, just in case. And for those of you whose spouses don't watch NASCAR, start planning ahead now: cue up some old race tapes or a DVD of "Talladega Nights" to fake 'em out. Otherwise you may be looking at an unexpected honey-do list.

Of course, if the race is postponed to Monday, we'll be right here and covering it live for your workday entertainment. So you've got that to look forward to, at least.


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