Saturday, August 6, 2011

#SadTweet: Kansas, South Carolina cut players off Twitter for the season

Kansas and South Carolina players have been censored -- at least for the rest of the season.

Both Kansas coach Turner Gill and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier mandated their players not use Twitter during the season and possibly for the foreseeable future.

"Twitter can be a distraction, per se, but our biggest thing is really why we decided not to have our student-athletes not to have a Twitter account is really that we feel like it will prevent us from being in preparation for our program to move forward," Gill said.

If you can decipher what Gill is trying to say here, please let me know. Surely he isn't blaming Kansas' 3-9 season on the use of Twitter? Honestly, Daymond Patterson and A.J. Steward, who starred in a popular YouTube series called �"D.P. and A.J. take on KU" actually kept the team relevant this offseason with their videos and tweets.

Although, if Kansas comes out with an undefeated season, well, then maybe there's something to this whole Twitter thing.

While some players took the news in stride: "It ain't nothing," linebacker Shaq Wilson said. "We're here to play football, get education, get a degree. It's a social website; don't nobody care about that."

Others took the news hard, like Kansas safety Lubbock Smith:

The news wasn't exactly surprising. Several coaches have started to block their players from Twitter and several more will follow suit. TCU coach Gary Patterson is allowing his players to use Twitter, but has advised them not to talk about things that need to stay within the team. How many times have we seen a player say something he shouldn't have on Twitter? While it's a bit of censorship, it's also a surefire way to keep team unity and ensure that a player doesn't inadvertently commit an NCAA violation.

Spurrier is fairly sure his players can't stay out of trouble without his help.

"Well, we have some dumb, immature players that put crap on their Twitter, and we don't need that. So the best thing to do is just ban it," Spurrier said last month during an interview with ESPNU Campus Connection.


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