Sunday, August 14, 2011

So did Tiger fire Stevie by cell, ?man to man? or what?

Now this is just getting silly.

One day after jilted caddie Stevie Williams went public with his sharpest jab yet at former boss Tiger Woods, saying that he'd been fired by cell phone and not "man to man," as earlier reports suggested, Team Tiger is returning fire.

"I'm stunned I've had to talk about this situation last night and today after Adam Scott's good win," Woods' agent Mark Steinberg told Golfweek on Monday. "I feel sorry for Adam. But I'm tired of (Woods) taking shots for two years. When someone says something patently false, I feel the need to speak up. To say he (Williams) didn't get fired face-to-face is ludicrous and tiring."

For those not completely fed up with this lunchroom gossip, the issue apparently centers around a phone conversation in late June in which Woods told Williams they needed to "take a break." And while the hopeful spurned-lover types tend to look at that kind of blowoff as the dumping it really is, Williams understood that such a statement meant that his days looping for Woods were at an end. The face-to-face meeting that happened in early July at the AT&T was thus about semantics, not reconciliation.

Sick of this yet? Yeah, us too. The sooner Woods gets back to playing some competitive golf, the better. And if he happens to end up in a Sunday pairing with Scott and Stevie? So much the better.

Tiger's agent: Williams was not fired over the phone [Golfweek]


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