Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tiger Woods has another roller coaster week

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There was an ad campaign that ran a few years ago asking the simple question, "What will Phil do next?" Obviously aimed at Phil Mickelson, the thought was that Phil's golf game was somewhat unpredictable, and although he was and still is one of the most talented golfers in the world, you could never really predict what he had up his sleeve from shot to shot.

Maybe Nike should think about stealing that idea for Tiger Woods, because over the last couple of years, we've never really known what Tiger was going to do round to round, hole to hole. At Augusta National, Tiger opened his Sunday round on a tear, but the back nine was a completely different book, ending with a lot of frustrated looks and disappointment. Then came injury, two majors missed, and now Woods was back at Firestone, opening with a 68, following that up with two lackluster rounds at a place he won seven times previous, and then came Sunday.

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Oh, Sunday. The day that used to be all red with both score and shirt for Tiger, Sundays have been his most inconsistent. When coverage started at the Bridgestone, Tiger was 2-under, looking good and making everyone think that maybe he was finding something before the PGA Championship.

But a sloppy double-bogey followed up by three other bogeys had Tiger looking uninterested and ready to get off the golf course as fast as possible. The thing is, you never have a clue with Woods. One minute he's striping it down the fairway, the next he's in a forest that would make Robin Hood shudder.

What did Tiger do next? Reeled off three birdies, made a nice par on the 18th and finished with a tip-o'-the-cap 70, even par for the day and just nice enough to allow for a post-round interview.

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How can we rate Tiger's week? Well, that depends. If you're rating it on his play this week it was fair. He did a few things good, some things really bad, and finished about where we thought he would. If you are thinking about it big picture, you could probably say it was better than expected. Tiger made some great swings, went on stretches of solid golf, and finished it off in great form. He will take positives from this and head to Atlanta with thoughts of winning or at least competing. It would be crazy if he did, but what are we to expect?

It's a roller coaster that most would be scared to ride. Just what will Tiger do next?

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