Monday, August 15, 2011

Video: Kevin Durant goes all Kevin Durant on Rucker Park

Remember Kevin Durant? The guy that could just lift from anywhere, follow-through with his elbow under the ball, and splash in from deep? The guy that made you wonder why he just didn't pull up from 32 feet away, every time down court?

Well, here's Kevin Durant at a very famous court in New York City, fulfilling your every need.

Via The Big Lead:


This is a game that people need to see. This is a game that needs to be watched, even if Reggie Miller is calling the action. This is a game that, sometime around early November, needs to come back into people's lives. This is a game that counts for absolutely nothing, but means all the world to those who have given their lives to it. NBA? The NBA's players? This isn't a game.

Durant dropped 66 points, by the way.

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