Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video roundup: White, GSP and Rashad on new FOX deal

Dana White was downright giddy when he did some one-on-one's following the announcement that UFC has locked up a deal with FOX. He has every right to be especially about what's on the way for the "Ultimate Fighter." It feels line a re-birth for the show.

"When it comes to ratings going down [on Spike] ... John Landgraf (head of FX), this guy is a genius when it comes to television, one of the things that he said and it's true, is we weren't being promoted," White told MMAHeat's Karyn Bryant. "And if you look at the numbers we pulled with no promotion, wait 'til you see what we pull when we're being promoted."

White is happy for the company, but he's also excited for what network TV will bring for the competitors in the sport.

"This is a long time coming," White said. "[...] The sport and the athletes will finally get he credit, and the respect that they deserve from the mainstream press."

Georges St-Pierre and Rashad Evans also spoke to Bryant.


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