Monday, September 12, 2011

?Alas, poor Chad?: Jimmie Johnson gets Shakespearean at Bristol

Jimmie Johnson gets his inner Hamlet on with a monologue-worthy (and highly captionable) post. Your turn now to bring the infinite jest. Bonus points if you write your answer in iambic pentameter.

After the jump, more Jimmie, with a very accommodating female fan.

Create-a-caption: Jimmie Johnson navigates treacherous terrain

Yikes, she's leaving JJ less room than KBush at Pocono.

Chandra, not Chad, tells Jimmie to stay on the outside and stay away from the pits.

Woman to JJ: "Can you get me Troy Aikman's autograph, Coach?"

"Looks like we're going two-wide with a lot of bouncing around...."


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