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Andrei Arshavin conducts greatest Q&A ever, part XXII

As despair surrounds Arsenal, Andrei/ey Arshavin has once again found refuge in answering the questions of those who visit his official website. And now more than ever, they aren't shying away from confronting him with the tough questions.

1. From Evgeniy10
Hi! Andrew, tell me honestly. Do your teammates like you? Look, the first game with Newcastle. All the danger comes from you, remember your passes to Zhervino, Theo Walcott, van Persie. Two of them were clear-cut chances. Alas, this is football, they did not score, but did not give you passes as well. Then this game against Liverpool, again, you give a pass to Robben, whose blunder, in my opinion, led to the defeat. That couldn't have happened if the gunners had given you at least a couple of passes. Then there was this game against Udinese, where you were let out for just 3 minutes to play in the league. And once you played, you can't be sold. It's a pity; we thought you'd start the Champions League in Zenit. Anyway back to that game,you could have scored a goal, but Van Persie decided otherwise, instead of giving it to Arshavin, who could have come one on one, Robin decided to send the ball straight to the goalkeeper from 17 meters distance. It's driving me mad. The game yesterday, you earned a penalty.... But, look, why your partners didn't pass to you again. Do they ignore the Russian? The last question. Can Malafeev replace Akinfeev? Thank you and send my regards to the coach Gordeev from Silkovskiy- we played together for Svetlana.
: I do not think that they ignore me. Yesterday I could have scored myself. I want to wish Igor Akinfeev a speedy recovery. Slava is in good shape, he'll manage.

I think Robben is definitely ignoring you, Andrei. He hasn't passed the ball to you all season. It's like he's in a different league or something.

Hello, Andrey :) Regards from Siberia to you and Julia.) My question might not be very original (may be you've already been asked this one).... Tell me, Andrey, is it true that your friend A. Anyukov got married recently?))) I want to hear it from you, personally :)) Thank you for your reply.)))
: Do not put me in an awkward position ;)

Why would that put Andrei in an awkward position? Did he marry Aleksandr Anyukov? Yulia's not going to like this, Andrei...

5. From 79233630952
I'm curious whether it's you who answers these questions or not?))
: You:)

That melted my brain a little bit.

17. From DiamondKiss
Hi, Andrey. I'm not going to sing praises to you but I watch the Arsenal games only because of you. You can, without making much effort, create good chances on the pitch. With regard to the recent criticism of your game for the national team (although I believe that it is impossible to play for the national side on the same level as for Arsenal), I've got some questions. How do you feel about all the criticism? Do you criticize people and how often? Do the Arsenal fans hate you or love you? I asked the last question because in England they rarely treat the stars indifferently. They either love or hate them. Thanks for your game. (Alex from Astrakhan)
: The Arsenal fans love me. As for the criticism, if a person expresses his independent opinion, even if it is wrong, that's OK. It's much worse, when the critic sings to someone else's tune. As for me criticizing other people, guilty, it happens.

The "other people" he criticizes has to be Nicklas Bendtner.

19. From glasnaroda
Andrey, you are the symbol not only of Zenit but of all Russian football. You are an accomplished European star. Each year you are in the English top ten according to the goal pass system. You promised to continue your career only in Zenit. When are you going back to Russia? You can't earn all money in the world and anyway you are wealthy enough already. Please do not make a mistake. Do not go to Anji. You'll be given up for lost for millions of the Russian fans. One well-known player is already dead for millions. And it's not only words. Read the press and the comments. It's your choice, Andrey.
: A man should live the way he wants. Yura's choice is his choice.

Zhirkov already dead for millions? Consider this your warning, Andrei.

22. From Veroneka
Andrey, I do not understand your new commercial. Tell me, why you're sitting in the stands and the colors of the fans' flags are red and yellow?
: My role in this commercial was written by the director. I cannot do anything about it. I wasn't a screenwriter. If it was me who thinks up the plot, it would be different.


25. From arshamania
Hello, dear Andrey! I would like to find out who do you have the best relationship with in Arsenal?
p.s. Andrey, you are our hope and joy!
: Used to be with Samir. Now I'm hanging out with the young :)

Well, there's something he and Arsene Wenger have in common. As for Nasri :(((((((((((((((

28. From Strannay
Tell me please: do you have a lot of girls among your fans?
: Probably, I don't know I never counted ;)

Wait, does the winking emoticon mean that he has counted? And if so, is he counting the girl who cuts her wrists over him? Because I'm not so sure she's still around.

30. From 90325678
My name is Vova, I am 11 years old. I'm from Saint-Petersburg. I've got just one kidney. I wanted to ask you whether it's possible for me to become a professional footballer.
: Vova, if the doctors won't mind, if you have the desire and the talent, it's possible. There were such examples in the Russian Championship. There was a good player in CSKA - Valera Minko. He played at a very decent level. I wish you health and good luck!

If you laugh at this, you're an awful person. But seriously, why are 11-year-olds asking him questions about playing football with one kidney?

32. From khalimbekov
I'm 14 years and have been playing football for 3 years but after one away game my knees started to ache. I'm interested: at what age did you get your first injury? Is it possible that I'll probably have to quit?
: Don't get upset. This is due to the age-related changes. You grew up but your joints still fragile, haven't developed to the full yet. And playing football, you overload your knees. My advice to you - take a break; have more rest in these moments. Over the time the pain in your knees will go away.

Just be thankful you still have both kidneys, khalimbekov. You're already doing better than Vova.

But why do these kids think Andrei is a doctor? Is he telling people that he is?

34. From MaradonnAlexsandra
Tell me, Andrey, can you cook fried eggs?))) I just ask 'cause I'm curious :)
: I think that even a donkey will be able to cook this dish :) But seriously, what's so difficult about it? Just take a couple of eggs and break them into a pan.

Clearly MaradonnAlexsandra thinks you're an idiot, Dr. Andrei.

37. From Milo4ka
Hi Andrey! Please tell me if you have a brother Alexey? Thanks in advance.
: No. I don't. But maybe he has a brother Andrey :)

I wonder if Alexey's brother can cook fried eggs, too.

40. From Alenas
Hello, Andrey, I watched the match against Newcastle and the commentator said that Wenger was going to leave by the end of the season. Why? Is it because of Fabregas transfer to Barcelona or because Arsenal haven't seen trophies for quite a long period of time? I want Arsene to stay! Thank you!
: Rumours.


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