Friday, September 16, 2011

Carlos Tevez stripped of captaincy, attempts to eat his children

Despite his moaning, Man City couldn't work out a deal to send Carlos Tevez closer to his family during the transfer window. So before Saturday's match against Wigan, Roberto Mancini announced that though he was forced to stay, he would not remain the club's captain.

From the AP:

"The captain is Vinny Kompany," City manager Roberto Mancini said. "The reason is simple. Carlos in the summer wanted to leave the club for family reasons.

"I respected his opinion to leave the club, but Carlos is here now, we didn't find any solution for him. He is a fantastic player for us because he can score 20 goals in one year, but I decided in the summer Vinny was the captain."

And Carlos promptly celebrated losing the armband by missing a penalty 18 minutes into Man City's 3-0 win. But the good news for Carlos was that his beloved family came to visit. And before the match, he trotted them out on the pitch to show the people of Manchester what all his fuss was about. He then proved his devotion by publicly attempting to eat his youngest daughter's face.

Photo: AP


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