Monday, September 5, 2011

Erick Silva with KO and other UFC 134 results

Paulo Thiago, Rafael Assuncao and Erick Silva all won in front of their home crowd, winning their bouts at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night.

Thiago wins, pleases crowd

Paulo Thiago took a decision over David Mitchell, winning the bout 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

Thiago, a member of Brazil's special forces, got a raucous reception from the Rio crowd. Thiago controlled the first round with takedowns, including a throw that made the crowd erupt into chants. Though Mitchell was a bit better in the second round on his feet, Thiago again used his takedowns to control the bout. He threatened with a choke, but couldn't finish it.

Thiago seemed gassed by the third round, but was able to create some offense that made the crowd erupt in the final seconds. He threw a barrage of strikes, then was able to take Mitchell's back as the clock ran out.

This win stopped a two-fight losing skid for Thiago. This was Mitchell's second fight in the UFC and his second loss.

Silva with a quick knockout

After two decisions, Erick Silva jumpstarted UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro with a jab followed by a monster right hand in the first minute of the their bout. Silva jumped on top of Rams to finish, but it was unnecessary. Referee Herb Dean jumped in to stop the 0:40 into the first round.

It was both fighters' UFC debut, and was a match-up between two of Brazil's most well-known fight camps. Silva trains under the Nogueira brothers, while Ramos is a part of Nova Uniao, the camp that produced UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo.

Assuncao takes decision

WEC vet Rafael Assuncao got his first UFC victory, taking a decision over Johnny Eduardo. The judges saw it 30-27 on all three cards.

Assuncao owned Eduardo in the first two rounds with better grappling and clinch work. Eduardo found his range in the second round, landing more jabs and kicks. Assuncao stopped by ending the round with a takedown and a body triangle. He couldn't quite finish the rear naked choke, but his ability to take over the round was impressive.

Eduardo knew he was behind in the final round, and tried to finish things with a leg lock and some big haymakers, but it was too late.


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