Sunday, September 4, 2011

It only took Di Canio three months to punch one of his players

Paolo Di Canio took over as Swindon Town manager towards the end of May and to the surprise of many, he went a good three months without to beat up one of his own players. But it turns out the reason for that might've been because Leon Clarke didn't join the team until two weeks ago.

Following Swindon's 3-1 Carling Cup loss to Southampton on Tuesday, Di Canio got into it with Clarke, who played the full 90 minutes. It started with Clarke not appreciating Di Canio's hand on his neck and tugging at his shirt, then things really kicked off once they went down the tunnel.

This kind of behavior might get a different manager sacked, but with Paolo Di Canio, you have to expect this kind of stuff going in, right?


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