Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jones answers Jackson ?Spygate? allegations on Twitter

Jon Jones carries himself in a certain manner and the last thing he wants to be called is less than trustworthy or a cheater. That's what he is according to the bombshell dropped by his UFC 135 opponent Quinton Jackson. "Rampage" told Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole that he suspects Team Jones has a spy in Jackson's camp.

Jones responded Tuesday on Twitter:

Jackson first became suspicious following his UFC 114 fight against Rashad Evans. Evans employed the odd tactic of repeatedly punching Jackson in the knee. It was same knee that Jackson had injured in camp, yet it never went public.

Then Jackson got a recent tip from a Twitter follower that there was a spy in his camp so the veteran fighter tried a little experiment last week. He spread it around the camp that he'd injured his hand. A few hours later, Jackson claims he got a call from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to find out about the injury. Said Jackson:

"How did he know about my hand injury that fast? It wasn't on the Internet, and yet he knew about my hand injury right away. The UFC people were in Brazil, which is why it probably took them four hours to call me. That shows me two things: They have spies in my camp, one, and two, they're dumb as hell, because they didn't know how to use the information correctly and to wait. He called right away, running to Joe Silva. Joe Silva called my manager right away."

Jackson points the finger of blame at Jones' manager Malki Kawa.

"One of my friends was talking to Jon Jones' manager recently, and Jon Jones' manager was saying that he knows everything that is going on in our camp," Jackson said. "He said he had spies in our camp and he knew everything that was going on. That got me thinking."

Kawa, who also worked with Rashad Evans in the past, denied any involvement. Clearly, Jones doesn't want his reputation sullied by this mini-scandal. Sadly, it already has been whether he had firsthand knowledge of the leak or not.


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