Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please enjoy this Tampa Bay Buccaneers rap song

A radio host and a few local Tampa Bay rappers got together to record a Tampa Bay Buccaneers-themed version of "Football's Back." You can tell it's a rap song because used "Yo" in the title, and that's something that all the dope, fresh rappers do.

Your artists are Orlando Davis, Mark Victor, Laws and Mason Caine. The beat's from "Tupac Back," by Meek Mill and Rick Ross. You can download it here from WiLD 94.1 in Tampa.

It's not the first time it's been used for NFL purposes, either. If you look around YouTube, you'll find another version of "Football's Back" recorded after the lockout ended.

I prefer the Bucs version, though. Here's my favorite part:

The way he just got Buc'd, with no flag thrown up
Well you can cart him off the field, get that man sewn up
And they say "Football's back," shout out Dungy and Sapp
Hey Winslow, tell Urkel, "Did we just do that?"

Raheem Morris approves, too.

"I really appreciate the song and all the effort that was put into that song and everything you guys (WiLD 94.1) have done," Morris said on-air. "Coming in with you guys that day was awesome (Morris was an in-studio guest during the lockout). I look forward to doing it again.

"Next time we do that thing, let's have a Lombardi trophy sitting next to us."

The Bucs get things kicked off on Sunday at 1 p.m.�ET against the Lions.


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