Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rocco Mediate has some harsh words for Tiger?s swing coaches

Rocco Mediate has never been one to mince words, so when he was asked recently about the state of Tiger Woods' game, you knew the words coming out of his mouth would be unfiltered and honest.

Mediate, speaking to the�San Francisco Chronicle's Ron Kroichick, touched on the usual stuff regarding the state of Woods' game, saying he was "disgusted" with the recent decline, and that it was bad for golf.

That's the same stuff we've been hearing from players on tour for some time. The interesting comments, however, centered around Mediate's criticism of Tiger's current swing coach, Sean Foley, and former coach Hank Haney.

"The physical motion is wrong," Mediate said. "To get that stress off his body is a piece of cake - the guys working with him just don't know. Sean knows some stuff, but what's going on with Tiger is not correct. That's why he keeps breaking and that's why the ball keeps going sideways."

Clearly, Mediate feels that whatever Woods is working on with Foley at the moment isn't helping his game for the long-term. Who knows if getting the stress off Woods' often-injured leg is really a "piece of cake," but looking at Mediate's comments, he seems to believe Foley is doing more harm than good at the moment.

But of course, Mediate wasn't done, sticking the dagger in later by saying that Foley, as well as former instructor Hank Haney, helped Woods develop swings that, up until this point, have led to a host of injuries in recent years.

"Starting with Haney until now, it was a complete and absolute destruction," he said. "If it was me (as Woods' instructor), I would say to Tiger, 'Look, dude, I'm not helping you. You're getting worse. You've broken down three times and you've had 57 knee surgeries. It's not happening.' "

Is he saying Foley should step down from his post as Tiger's coach? He didn't say it directly, but he sure as heck insinuated that both swings led to a host of injuries that have derailed Woods' career.

As we all know, Tiger has never been one to take criticism lightly, even when it's regarding his swing coach. It'll be interesting to see if he has anything to say after playing in Notah Begay's charity event at Turning Stone.

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