Sunday, September 11, 2011

Steelers DT Casey Hampton: Ravens talk, we win

Being opening week, everyone around the league is excited. So much so that it's easy to forget that it's also Steelers/Ravens week, which brings more hatred and yapping than any other rivalry in the league.

Both teams have been a little delinquent on that this week, but fortunately, Pittsburgh nose tackle Casey Hampton is here to remedy that. Tell us about the Ravens, Casey.

"They talk a whole lot," Hampton said. "They don't like us. I think they don't like us a lot more than we don't like them. I think they have to talk themselves into it, kind of, know what I mean? Since I've been here, we've beat them a lot more than they beat us. They have to talk about it a whole lot."

... he said while talking about how much someone else talks.

Now, historically, maybe Hampton's right and the Ravens might be the more talkative bunch. I'm not sure of that, because I don't have my Steelers/Ravens trash talk Excel file handy. I'm sure Steelers fans and Ravens fans will have different perspectives.

But it is worth noting that I haven't heard much from the Ravens about the Steelers this week. The last time any Steelers/Ravens trash talk broke out, it was back in June, when LaMarr Woodley shared his opinion of Joe Flacco.

For whatever it's worth, Casey Hampton also thinks that the Steelers have been able to beat the Ravens regularly because of the superiority of their passing game.

"They got a really good offense running the ball, but I think our passing game, being able to pass the ball, I think that's kind of [been the difference] the last few times we played them." [...]

"They don't have the receivers we have ... as far as stretch-the-field kind of receivers, I should say."

I can't say any of that isn't true, but I would like to welcome Lee Evans to his little corner of this rivalry.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.


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