Friday, September 16, 2011

Told you so: Fan standing by warning sign gets clocked by home run

We've said it before and we'll say it again, repeatedly, until every fan heeds our words.

Keep your eyes locked on home plate when there's baseball being played, and try to track the baseball while it's in flight. That way, you will significantly lower, if not eliminate your chances of being injured, or ? in the case of the fan at Petco Park Wednesday afternoon ? your chances of being embarrassed on television.

The moment happened during the home half of the first inning. San Diego Padres leadoff hitter Will Venable reached out and pulled Matt Cain's second pitch, hooking it down the right-field line just inside the foul pole for his seventh home run of the season.

That's where our fan was standing around, having a seemingly casual conversation only feet away from a sign that warns fans to "be aware" for flying objects (pictured above left behind the fan). The well-struck ball smacked the fan and then made its way down the rampway towards the restrooms.

Watch it here:

Yup, looked like a head shot to me. Though it may have actually hit the fan's head and then shoulder, or just the shoulder. Either way, that's going to sting for awhile, but probably not as much as the flack he'll catch from his friends when they see the clip.

As for the ballgame itself, Bruce Bochy did change his mind�Wednesday�morning and inserted rookie first baseman Brett Pill in the lineup after homering in his major league debut Tuesday night. Pill would homer again, joining John Bowker as the only two Giants to homer in their first two career games.

However, later in the game, Venable made another big impact by throwing Pill out at the plate when he attempted to score on Pat Burrell's medium fly ball to right field. That would be San Francisco's final offensive threat as they dropped a 3-1 decision to the Padres, and lost a full game in the standings after the Arizona Diamondbacks knocked off the Colorado Rockies by a score of 5-3.

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