Thursday, September 15, 2011

Union VP accidentally tweets that a deal looks close, claims he was hacked

On Wednesday, the NBA and its players' union held�what appears to have been a successful meeting. No deals were announced (and probably won't be for some time), but signs are pointing towards progress.

Of course, we can't know that for sure, because all involved parties aren't saying much to the media. There have been no quotes, emails, or tweets about how close we are to a deal. In an age of widespread leaks, the restraint has been impressive.

On the other hand, sometimes technology backfires. Shortly after the meeeting, union VP and Knicks wing Roger Mason Jr. tweeted out the following message (image via EOB).

By the look of the closing "How u," Mason appears to have meant to respond a text or direct message to a specific question. Tweeting this update on purpose would be a breach of lockout protocol, and it's unlikely he would want to make things difficult if a deal is in fact close.

So, like, any good union man, Mason deleted the update, denied all responsibility for the message, and claimed he was hacked just minutes later. Because, if someone hacked an NBA player's Twitter, he would send out a weird message that only makes sense as a response. Not, you know, say something stupid like "My favorite food is paint chips."

Mason's message has been widely interpreted as a sign that negotiations are going well, which makes sense given the context of today's meaning. On the other hand, maybe he was responding to a question like "How much time are you going to miss?" or "How long are you going to play in Azerbaijan?" With no reports on the substance of today's meetings, there could be any number of possible rejoinders. It doesn't even have to be a basketball issue -- maybe someone was asking Mason how close he was to finishing "The Wire."

I, personally, choose optimism. Mostly because I would like to make jokes about Mason's jumper being hacked as soon as possible.


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