Monday, September 12, 2011

Video: Auburn?s ?Spirit? takes it on the beak from Auburn?s luxury boxes

I can't prove it, but something tells me there may have been more than just water in Spirit's cage before Auburn kicked off Saturday against Mississippi State:

Forgive the old bird: As a bald eagle, Spirit isn't one of Auburn's official "War Eagles," which are all golden eagles, and doesn't make the pregame rounds in Jordan-Hare Stadium nearly as often. In fact, he's the only bald eagle who's ever done the honors. He got the nod Saturday as part of Auburn's 9/11 anniversary proceedings, because his first flight came in 2001. So cut him little slack for trying to take the most direct route to a luxury box.

And as for buzzing the crowd in the north end zone, don't act like you wouldn't do it, too, just for the reaction.

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